Our Solutions: PliNOSa® IVD Test & aSeptiMab® Therapy

R&D Antibodies has discovered and proven that a specific protein is found exclusively in blood of people suffering from the onset of sepsis.

A protein enzyme called inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), is a new plasma biomarker of the sepsis pathology. R&D Ab® has completed four proof-of-concept clinical trials which included more than 700 study subjects and the analysis of more than 1,800 blood samples. These clinical studies have convincingly proven our biochemical diagnostic test can detect sepsis early, even before other physiological symptoms appear. Our clinical data also strongly supports the concept that plasma iNOS is the causative agent for organ damage and dysfunction, and for the vascular leakage that are the hallmarks of sepsis. Thus, plasma iNOS is a validated new therapeutic target to treat sepsis. Our specifically targeted humanized monoclonal antibody immunotherapeutic aSeptiMab® can be used to treat the sepsis pathology very early, i.e. before organ damage and dysfunction occur.